Email policies

Email Policy

Respect of your privacy and security are essential to us.

Our website uses techniques to protect your online transactions. While eliminating all risk is not possible, we guarantee that booking your trip using our website is just as secure as paying the bill at a restaurant with your credit card.

We do not collect personal information on our website, except for information that you agree to send to us. This information is only used to provide you with the services you request. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, no personal information, email address or otherwise is sold, rented, traded or transmitted to anyone.

We never do abusive mailings. You can subscribe to receive free information on some of our services. You will always have the freedom to cancel your registration yourself without having to give an explanation.

If you have any questions regarding respect of your privacy or security, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also verify the information we have on you. However, we cannot send them to you by phone or email, precisely in order to protect your privacy. You must therefore send your request in writing to the following address:

1500 chemin duchenier (Headquarters)

Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, QC, G0K 1S0


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