Hell's Gate Canyon: End of the 2020 season

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The cold weather and the snow are forcing us to end the 2020 season of the Hell's Gate Canyon.

The team wants to thank you all for your support during the summer.


We started the season in May 2020, without knowing what would happen during the summer or event if we could stay open due to the Covid-19. We worked hard to create a safe space that respect the recommendation of the health public security. But we didn't even know if the people would visit the Hell's Gate Canyon during the summer.


After a slow start, we received a record number of visitors during the summer. Nearly 30 000 people discovered the territory this summer, without any international tourism. That is way more than the last record in 2018 of 22 000.


We really want to thank for this great season. We will work hard is the following months to prepare the 2021 season.


See you next year!

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