• Interactive Routes

The interactive routes are two forest paths where imagination, technology, and scenography converge to create a captivating and enchanting multisensory experience. A clever blend of mystery and special effects at the heart of a natural environment.


 The devil's road

The Devil's Road is a new outdoor immersive route in the most prestigious part of an ancient cedar forest. This fable-like trail consists of 6 stations where visitors can enter small thatched cottages to discover a fantastic tale. Interactive elements, audiovisuals, and dynamic sets in each of the cottages transport the viewer to the heart of a surprising universe. The Devil's Road is a peerless immersive experience where disorientation and engagement of the viewer are guaranteed.




Dare to take the Devil's Route!

  • Created by XYZ Technologie
  • An ID is required to borrow a secret key.
  • Please note that the special effects in cottage #2 may be intense for young children.
  • Open from June 3rd to October 1st, from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Allow approximately 50 - 60 minutes.

The Gates of Oniria

The Gates of Oniria is an immersive adventure that blends art and technology. Through its brilliant scenographic research, lighting effects, and special effects, the Gates of Oniria reveals an imaginary and fascinating world where the spirit of the forest, the vain beaver king, pixies, and a host of other magical creatures coexist.

Step through the gates and enter the world of pixies!

  • An experience designed by Olivier Dufour Olivier Dufour
  • A ID is required to borrow the magic staff.
  • Open from June 3rd to October 1st, from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Allow approximately 30 minutes.

Buy a ticket to visit 1 or 2 interactive routes and get the access code for free to play in the Maze of Hell !

Daily access rights can be purchase on site or online.

See opening hours and rates.

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