Duchenier Wildlife Reserve
(Hunting & Fishing)

Why is there a random draw?

Because the Duchénier Wildlife Reserve is part of the network of Quebec wildlife reserves, which are public lands. In addition, in order to provide fair access to all Quebecers, we are required to have a random draw. This only concerns regulated hunting and fishing activities.

How do I register for the random draw?
It is possible to register for the random draw on our website each year, from the end of November to mid-january. (dates may change each year) It is also possible to register by mail using the coupon in the Duchenier Wildlife Reserve brochure.

When will the results of the draws be available?
The results will be available directly on the website after the distribution of the draws. For the list of winners' calls, click here.

What is the cost of the activities?
For daily hunting activities, click here
For daily fishing activities, click here
For regulated hunting (big game) activities, click here
For regulated fishing activities, click here

Can I book online?
Yes and no ! In fact, it is possible to buy your daily access rights for small game hunting, river fishing and adventure fishing directly online HERE. However,  all reservations for regulated activities and daily boat fishing must be made by or phone.

Where are the hunting and fishing statistics?
Statistics for lakes and hunting areas are directly on the interactive map HERE. You must choose the area or the lake that interests you and you will be able to view all the statistics.

Are you in Sépaq?
No ! The Duchénier Wildlife Reserve is managed by Terfa , that is also the manager of the Hell's Gate Canyon. However, The Duchenier Wildlife Reserve is also part of the network of wildlife reserves which comes under the responsability of the Quebec ministry of Wildlife, Forests and Parks.

Hell's Gate Canyon

Are dogs accepted?

Yes ! Dogs on a leash are accepted on the hiking trails, with the exception of the interactive routes (Les portes d'Oniria and La route du diable), the Labyrinth of Hell, the evening show and inside buildings or cabins (dogs are allowed in our cabin # 3).

How much time should be allowed for each activity?
You can plan around 2 hours to visit the main attractions in the area. It is possible to stretch your visit for 4 hours if you decide to visit all the attractions.

Are there a lot of mosquitoes around this time?
Yes and no ! The mosquito season is mainly concentrated between early June and mid-July. Please provide plenty of fly oil during this time. As of mid-July, there are a lot less mosquitoes on the trails.

Is it accessible for people with reduced mobility?
Yes and no ! It is possible to visit the main attractions (Grand Sault waterfall and the suspended footbridge via the shortcut) for people with reduced mobility. However, access to the trails is difficult.

Do you take the debit / credit card?
Yes ! However, cards are not yet accepted at the restaurant. For the moment, restaurant sales are cash only.

Is the restaurant open?
Yes, the Bistro Grand Sault is now open ! Visit the page restaurant for more information.

Is it possible to refill a reusable water bottle ?
Unfortunately no. Our facilities have water, but it is not drinkable. Plan to bring enough water for your activities or get a bottle on sale at the restaurant.

What is the condition of the roads?
The roads are reworked every year at the start and in the middle of the season so that they can be driven by small vehicles without any problem.

What is the condition of the trails, are they hilly or not?
The trails are maintained regularly and are not rugged. There are stairs, walkways and points of view on the trails to facilitate hiking.



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