• Rules

The Duchenier Wildlife Reserve, managed by Terfa, is subject to the wildlife reserves regulations imposed by the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks.

Minimum deposit required when booking a hunting package:

More than 45 days before the start of the stay:

A deposit of 30% of the total cost of the invoice (minimum of $ 170, taxes not included) is required at the time of booking. The balance is required within 30 days after the reservation and is automatically debited from the credit card used during the reservation.

45 days or less before the start of the stay:

Any reservation made less than 45 days before the start of the stay must be paid in full.

The holder of a reservation which does not respect the deadline for payment envisaged, or whose payment is not honored by a credit institution sees its reservation automatically canceled without further notice. Certains administratives costs may then apply.

Payment for online reservations must be made using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. For payment methods for telephone reservations, please call 1 866 535-5222.

Modification or cancellation fees:


More than 45 days before the start of the stay:

  • 7 days or less after the reservation is made: modification possible without charge. 
  • The request must be made by the holder of the reservation.

45 days or less before the start of the stay:

  • No modification is possible and no refund will be granted, even if the aim is to reduce the number of people present while keeping the reservation for the same chalet and the same dates of the stay.
  • The request must be made by the holder of the reservation. The file must be made in the same name and for the same season of activity.


More than 45 days before the start of the stay:

  • 7 days or less after the reservation is made: cancellation possible with full refund of the amount already paid.
    More than 7 days after the reservation is made: cancellation possible with a charge corresponding to 30% of the total amount of the reservation (non-refundable deposit).
    45 days or less before the start of the stay: No cancellation possible and no refund will be granted.

The request must be made by the holder of the reservation.

With the exception of big game hunting or fishing trips reserved by the random draws, any reservation is transferable to another person free of charge and without notifying the Sales and Reservations Department. The fact that a customer presents himself with the reservation confirmation certifies that the reservation has been transferred to him. To modify or cancel a stay, please call 1 866 535-5222.


You may see workers in your hunting area during the season. 

It is possible that forestry work, wood transport or other commercial interventions including trapping activities are in progress during your stay. These activities do not constitute grounds for refound or compensation.

During a hunting trip, it may be that access to a hunting area or to a chalet is difficult for reasons beyond our control, or by an accumulation of snow, the participants must provide the equipment to circulate in the area. In this case, no cancellation or refund will be accepted.

General rules

Anyone who stays in the Duchenier Wildlife Reserve (terfa) or who practices an activity there must comply with the dates, times and places mentioned on the "registration form". The use of off-road vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles, etc.) is not authorized, with some exceptions during a restricted hunting activity.

During a stay in accommodation, the people in a group cannot be replaced.

During a stay with quotas hunting and fishing, visitors are not admitted.

Campfires and cooking fires are only permitted where it is indicated. At all times, they must be under the supervision of a responsible person. They should be turned off before bedtime.

Arrival, departure times and registration

Arrival and departure times are specified on the confirmation email. Please refer to the dates indicated on your reservation for arrival.


Pets are prohibited in the cabins on the territory, with some exceptions, i.e. guide dogs and assistance dogs in training. However, they must be easily identifiable by wearing the Mira scarf or harness and be kept on a leash at all times. The Mira Foundation's code of ethics must be respected by those in charge of it, in particular by keeping the Foundation's letter of accreditation with them.

Smoke-free environment

The tobacco law prohibits anyone from smoking inside the cabins, public areas (meeting rooms, restaurant, bar, reception, etc.) and Duchenier reception desk. A fee of $ 150 will be charged to offenders who smoke in these areas.

Your safety: your responsibility

Hunting, fishing and outdoor activities can involve certain risks. You must therefore always make sure that you have the skills and abilities required to practice the chosen activity. It is very important to be aware of the risks inherent in this activity, to know and respect your capacities and to have the appropriate equipment, when required.

Boating safety, boats and engines
According to federal regulations in force, it is forbidden to use a boat unless you are carrying on board it and in good condition:

  • sufficient personal flotation devices;
  • a waterproof flashlight or 3 pyrotechnic signals if the boat is motorized;
  • a whistle or sound signaling device;
  • a bailer or a hand pump;
  • a manual propulsion device. Manual propulsion devices are provided for the boats at your disposal. You must provide the other required equipment. This equipment can be rented or purchased at Duchenier reception desks;

According to the federal regulations in force, it is forbidden to operate a motorized boat unless you have in your possession proof of having passed a boating safety course in Canada before April 1, 1999 or a boat operator card of pleasure craft issued following the successful completion of an examination approved by Transport Canada. For more information, please visit the Office of Boating Safety website www.tc.gc.ca/boatingsafety or contact them at 1-800-267-6687.

A load limit is indicated in the boats made available to you by Terfa. This maximum safety limit must be respected at all times.

Safety rules for the use of propane

You are advised to consult the Régie du bâtiment website http://www.rbq.gouv.qc.ca/index.asp which has produced a video devoted to the use of propane. To watch the video, click here. http://www.rbq.gouv.qc.ca/dirGrandPublic/dirPensezSecurite/GazPropane/securitePropane.asp 

Cleanliness and breakage of equipment

At all times, the customer must leave any place he occupies and any equipment he uses in a state of order and cleanliness.
Any damage caused to Terfa's equipment will be billed to the customer. Likewise, cabins left in a dirty state will be cleaned at the customer's expense.

Client without reservation

If, upon arrival, the customer is not satisfied with their accommodation, Terfa undertakes to refound the full rental price, if the customer requests it within thirty minutes after the registration.

Client with a reservation

When the client has a reservation, Terfa will take all possible measures to offer him alternative accommodation, depending on availability.


Due to the Law of Access to Information, Terfa staff cannot transmit any information about customers (name, site number, etc.). However, a board located at the reception desk will be made available to customers who wish to leave messages about their stay.


A person who does not respect these regulations may be expelled immediately and without any refound.

In case of emergency, contact: 911 or the Sûreté du Québec 310-4141 or by cellphone 4141 (where cellphone networks are available).


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