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Privacy Policy and protection of personal information.

At « TERFA » we are committed to protect your privacy.  We therefore invite you to consult our improved and updated Privacy Policy
Updated : September 21, 2023



1.1 Means by which personal information is collected.

Personal information collected is provided directly by you, either verbally or by filling in blank fields on various Web pages or forms, notably when you :

  1. Make a booking or purchase.

  2. Use our website or transactional platforms.

  3. Contact us by telephone or email.

  4. Visit our establishments, participate in certain activities, rent certain equipment, or take part in an event in which Terfa is involved (outdoor shows, hunting and fishing, etc.).

  5. Browse Terfa website, through the use of cookies.

  6. Complete surveys, studies, or contest entry forms.

  7. Subscribe to email communications (newsletters, magazines, etc.).

  8. Contact us with a comment, question, or complaint, or when an event or incident occurs at one of our establishments.

  9. Submit a job application.

1.2 Consent

The collection of certain personal information is subject to specific consent. Terfa undertakes to use only the personal information that is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In the event that Terfa wishes to use your personal information for a purpose other than that described in this Policy, we must obtain your prior consent.

If you decide to refuse or withdraw your consent as regards the collection, use, or sharing of your personal information, we will provide you with relevant information explaining the consequences of such withdrawal. Please note, however, that if you refuse to allow Terfa to collect certain essential personal information (such as your contact information), we may not be able to provide you with the products or services you have requested.

1.3 Managing your preferences

At any time, you can contact Terfa to update your personal information or modify or delete certain information collected, by calling our reception desk (418-735-5222) or by sending an email to 

1.4 Categories of personal information

Terfa has grouped the personal information it may collect from you into categories, along with the purposes for which it is collected. Please note that if certain categories do not apply to you, Terfa does not collect the personal information associated with them. In addition, several categories of personal information may apply.

Catégories de renseignementsExamples of information

Purposes for which your information is collected

1. Identification information
  • First and last name

  • Email and postal address

  • Phone number

  • Be able to serve you and offer you the products and services you request.

  • Send you important information about your booking or the services you request.

  • Send you surveys following your visit or use of Terfa's services to assess your level of satisfaction and other elements relating to the quality of your customer experience.

  • Contact you or send you important notices concerning your safety or the accessibility of our establishments (major incident, service interruption, etc.).

  • Create a PAV account (Poste d'Accueil Virtuel).

  • Send you communications related to the products and services you have purchased.

  • Carry out studies, conduct analyses, or produce statistics. Personal information used for research, analysis, or statistical purposes is de-identified, i.e. it is no longer possible to identify you directly.
 2. Payment information    
  • Billing information and credit/debit card number

  • Complete payment for the product or service requested.

  1. Information on your communications, preferences, and consumption

  • Information about your subscriptions to our communications
  • Information on products and services purchased

  • Responses to surveys or studies.

  • Analyze and understand the different profiles, buying behaviors, and needs of our customers.

  • Send you useful and relevant communications based on your profile and preferences.

  • Enhance your customer experience and improve our products, services, and content.

  • Offer you advertising and content corresponding to your interests.

4. Information on your use of our websites or applications
  • Information collected through cookies

  • Navigation preferences (language, province)

  • Browsing and browsing history on our websites or applications

  • IP address

  • Information about your device, operating system, or browser

  • Ensure the proper functioning of our websites.

  • Ensure easy navigation.

  • Analyze navigation data.

  • Provide you with targeted advertising content and offers.

  • Measure the performance of online advertising campaigns.

5. Information on hunting, fishing, or entering a random draw
  • Date of birth

  • Hunting or fishing licence number

  • Licence plate

  • Ensure that activities are carried out in compliance with our processes and regulations.

6. Information in reply to a question, comment, or complaint
  • Information you share about your question, comment, or complaint

  • Reply to your question, comment, or complaint.

7. Information with respect to external suppliers or corporate customers
  • Social insurance number (supplier)

  • Specimen cheque or bank details (supplier)

  • Payment information (credit card number) (corporate customers)

  • Identify and make payment to supplier.

  • Produce tax statements or any other documentation required under applicable legislation.

8. Information on applying for a position at Terfa
  • Your curriculum vitae, including
    any personal information you may have included

  • Analyze and process your application.


    1.5 Access to your personal information

    Personal information collected by Terfa is accessible to its employees or representatives who require it in the performance of their duties. Employees or representatives must at all times ensure the confidentiality of such information and must undergo regular training and awareness-raising activities concerning the security and protection of personal information.




    Terfa may share your personal information with third parties, service providers, or partners as part of its activities and mission.

    2.1 Communication with suppliers and partners

    Terfa may share your personal information with its service providers or partners.

    Certain personal information may be communicated to suppliers without your consent, in accordance with the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, when such communication is necessary for the performance of a mandate or the execution of a service or business contract entrusted to Terfa. These suppliers use your personal information only to provide the services they have retained, which are related to the purposes described in this Policy.

    For example, Terfa may communicate your personal information to the following suppliers:

    • Service providers for payment processing.

    • Suppliers for communications, email, and cookie management.

    • Suppliers of IT products and services.

    • Cloud computing, Web hosting, and data processing services.

    • Legal services.

    • Accounting Audit Services.

    When Terfa communicates your personal information to these suppliers, it ensures that the contracts include the necessary protection clauses to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information.

    2.2 Communication with authorities and other bodies

    In certain specific situations, Terfa may have to disclose your personal information without your consent, in particular in the following cases:

    • To regulatory authorities, government ministries, or public bodies that request it under powers granted to them by law or when the information is required for the application of a law.

    • To the police if the information is required for an investigation they are conducting, or if the information is the subject of a search warrant or disclosure order.




    3.1 Retention of personal information

    Personal information held by Terfa is stored on secure servers located in Canada. However, Terfa may retain the services of suppliers located outside the country.

    Terfa will keep your personal information secure for as long as it is needed to carry out its activities, fulfill its mission, and provide you with its services. Terfa will retain your information in accordance with the act respecting the protection of personal information.

    3.2 Destruction of personal information

    Once the useful life of personal information has expired, Terfa ensures that it is destroyed or anonymized. Destruction or anonymization is carried out in a secure manner, in accordance with applicable best practices.


    Terfa is responsible for protecting the personal information it holds. It implements security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information as it is collected, used, communicated, stored, and destroyed.

    Terfa has implemented the following protection measures :

    Physical protection measures .
    • Surveillance cameras

    • Access keys to our offices and establishments and register of holders.

    • Locking binders

    • Alarm system

    Technological protection measures

    • Securing all IT components (workstations, servers, network, etc.) according to best market practices

    • Password on all workstations for local and remote access to all information

    • Access management

    • Monitoring and control to prevent and detect suspicious activity

    Employee protection measures      

    • Code of ethics and professional conduct

    • Mandatory training and awareness activities

    • Privacy policy signed by all employees who have access to personal data.

    • Confidentiality and security incident management process




    You may at any time contact the persons responsible for access to documents and the protection of personal information, for any request for access to information concerning documents held by Terfa or concerning your personal information.

    You may consult the personal information that Terfa has collected about you and ask us to update or correct it. To do so, you may address your request in writing and forward it to the persons responsible for the application of the Act :

    Person responsible for access to document and protection of personal information

    Sabrina Soucy,
    xecutive secretary and human resources manager

    Territoire d'expériences récréatives des forêts anciennes (Terfa)
    1500, Chemin Duchénier,
    Québec, G0K 1S0




    In order to constantly improve the quality of its services, Terfa attaches great importance to customer complaints and comments. To make a complaint regarding the protection of personal information, we invite you to write to the following email address : 

    If you have any questions about this Policy or our personal information handling practices, you can contact us by email or post, as follows:

    Territoire d'expériences récréatives des forêts anciennes (Terfa) 
    1500, Chemin Duchénier,
    Québec, G0K 1S0


    We invite you to consult the Policy regularly to ensure that you are familiar with the most recent version.


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