Who are we?

Escape for Real !

TERFA offers a variety of nature accommodations, outdoor recreation experiences, hunting and fishing and enables visitors to discover its exceptional territory, while promoting sustainable development, conservation and habitat protection.


  • Innovation
    We advocate initiative, creativity and the optimization of tools and methods with the goal of standing out in order to remain distinct, become a reference and a leader in terms of accommodation and sustainable outdoor activities.

  • Collaboration
    We promote a work environment that stimulates team spirit, partnership and everyone's involvement in achieving a common vision, through open communication and understanding of each other's challenges.

  • Respect
    We require integrity, ethics and loyalty of everyone in order to follow established rules and applicable laws, with the greatest respect for the corporation, team members, clients, the environment and wildlife.

  • Commitment
    We rely not only on professionalism, but also on everyone's pride in being part of the team to maintain a strong sense of belonging and to become ambassadors of company culture.

Terfa, what does that mean ?

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Village Historique Scott







Hell's Gate Canyon







Duchenier wildlife reserve







Aire Protégée Aquatique 



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